Mission Statement

Waffallonia was founded in order to share the unbelievably delicious Liège sugar waffles eaten all over Belgium with you in Pittsburgh.  Our goal is to provide this treat in the same way it is experienced in Belgium:  an amazing tasting, high-quality product served at a fair price and with quick, courteous service that makes you want to bring your friends with you next time.


Since the beginning, Waffallonia has aimed to operate in a responsible manner with regards to our impact on the environment.  We make the most eco-friendly choices for our disposable products even when they cost a whole lot more than the alternatives.  
  • Our electricity is supplied from 100% renewable sources.
  • We have always used renewable, compostable plates and take-out boxes to serve our waffles.
  • We encourage the use of a single disposable utensil - the Knork - instead of giving each customer both a knife and a fork.
  • We use recycled, renewable, and / or compostable items for everything from paper bags, to coffee and milkshake cups, to small topping containers - and we're always adding more eco-friendly options.
  • We use a ConserveWell™ dipper well for our ice cream scoops instead of leaving the water running (and wasting hundreds of gallons per day) like most ice cream shops do.


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